The act of engaging in sexual intercourse in any way, shape, or form.
I did the touch with your mom last night.
by freakmastercorndog June 06, 2005
Top Definition
Something you can have. It can help you defeat decepticons, or seduce women. Nothing is impossible if you have the touch, including unlocking the autobot matrix of leadership.

Ways to tell if you have the touch:

You never get hit when your back's to the wall.
When all hell's breaking loose you are riding the eye of the storm.
You get put to the test but it is never enough.
You're at your best when when the going gets rough.

Often, people with the touch also have the power.
Yao Ming has got the touch tonight!
by TheWizardof207 March 07, 2004
An amazing short film, made in an amazingly short amount of time with an amazingly low budget. Tells the story of Lucas, and his day running from a mysterious stranger known only as "The Touch". Made using pirated music so illegal to exhibet publicly, but several copies of the dvd are in circulation(mostly in the Toronto area). Honestly, if you get ahold of a copy, you are indeed a lucky one.
'oh my god, i just watched 'The Touch', and almost pissed myslef. I wish i knew those handsome men staring in it' - some chick.
by SlackerApathy August 14, 2005
If you touch something and it becomes broken and/or dies, you have the Touch.
Eugene has "the touch".

Bob isn't allowed to have animals or plants, he has the touch.
by Lord_D October 24, 2004
if someone is really hot (attractive), similar to like butter
she is so hot man.. she's the touch!

damn straight, he's got the touch
by swedishdave September 02, 2005
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