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an expression borrowed from French used
1)to admit that an opponent in an argument has made a good point
2)when someone has said a good comeback line
3)to concede a point to an opponent when fencing
1)A: You only think that because that what you raised to believe
B: Maybe, or maybe you only think THAt because that's what YOU were raised to believe.
A: Touche.
2)A: Why can't you put the toilet down?
B: Why can't you get a job and stop flirting with other guys?
A: Touche.
3)Touche. You got me. That's another point for you.
by Lena Klein April 17, 2004
1. a comeback line so good, it can't be topped

2. a point so good it can't be disproved/topped
Tourist: Does this train stop at Cortland Street?
Nun: Yes, it does.
Guy: No, it doesn't. The station is closed.
Nun: I've been riding this train over 20 years. It stops at Cortland Street.
Guy, as train passes Cortland Street station: Lady, you may know Jesus, but I know the subways.
Nun: Touche.
by Phylicia April 27, 2007
French word used in fencing. Commonly used today to recognize the other side's good argument or comeback.

Roughly translates to 'Oh shit, I didn't think of that'
Guy 1: You know Mountain Dew shrinks your balls.
Guy 2: At least I HAVE balls.
Guy 1: ... Touché.
by Teh Samhain February 19, 2010
Other persons better thinking just verbally slapped you. Used sarcastically to indicate that one is unable to argue against another's absurd logic, or a witty point.
Bart: I want to go with you, Dad.
Homer: Don’t you have school?
Bart: Don’t you have work?
Homer: Ah, Touché.
by anailuJ October 04, 2006
If one person presents an argument and another delivers a clever or appropriate response, the first person may respond with "touché" as a way of acknowledging a good response.
When I was at the strip club the other night:

Stripper: Someones face got a little close to my ass...

Me: Someones ass got a little close to my face!

Stripper: touché.
by Rocco of Melbourne July 22, 2009
A word derived from French that is used most-commonly when someone makes a particularly good point in an arguement and leaves the opponent (the touché sayer) speechless or at a loss for words.
-If incest is a sin then what the fuck does that make Adam and Eve?é.
by Adam "Tr0n" March 08, 2005
word used when someone has a point , or has a comeback that makes sense
Person 1: I'm going to win the election as smartest kid in school
Person 2: You're not popula . No one will vote for you.

Person 1: Touche.
by giraffe . December 03, 2014
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