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an expression borrowed from French used
1)to admit that an opponent in an argument has made a good point
2)when someone has said a good comeback line
3)to concede a point to an opponent when fencing
1)A: You only think that because that what you raised to believe
B: Maybe, or maybe you only think THAt because that's what YOU were raised to believe.
A: Touche.
2)A: Why can't you put the toilet down?
B: Why can't you get a job and stop flirting with other guys?
A: Touche.
3)Touche. You got me. That's another point for you.
by Lena Klein April 17, 2004
1. a comeback line so good, it can't be topped

2. a point so good it can't be disproved/topped
Tourist: Does this train stop at Cortland Street?
Nun: Yes, it does.
Guy: No, it doesn't. The station is closed.
Nun: I've been riding this train over 20 years. It stops at Cortland Street.
Guy, as train passes Cortland Street station: Lady, you may know Jesus, but I know the subways.
Nun: Touche.
#touche #nun #comeback #funny #line #awesome #disproved
by Phylicia April 27, 2007
French word used in fencing. Commonly used today to recognize the other side's good argument or comeback.

Roughly translates to 'Oh shit, I didn't think of that'
Guy 1: You know Mountain Dew shrinks your balls.
Guy 2: At least I HAVE balls.
Guy 1: ... Touché.
#touche #oh shit #comeback #quip #one liner
by Teh Samhain February 19, 2010
Other persons better thinking just verbally slapped you. Used sarcastically to indicate that one is unable to argue against another's absurd logic, or a witty point.
Bart: I want to go with you, Dad.
Homer: Don’t you have school?
Bart: Don’t you have work?
Homer: Ah, Touché.
#tushae #sarcaster #dander #wicked #sarcastibitch #same
by anailuJ October 04, 2006
If one person presents an argument and another delivers a clever or appropriate response, the first person may respond with "touché" as a way of acknowledging a good response.
When I was at the strip club the other night:

Stripper: Someones face got a little close to my ass...

Me: Someones ass got a little close to my face!

Stripper: touché.
#touch #comback #reply #tooche #toushay
by Rocco of Melbourne July 22, 2009
A word derived from French that is used most-commonly when someone makes a particularly good point in an arguement and leaves the opponent (the touché sayer) speechless or at a loss for words.
-If incest is a sin then what the fuck does that make Adam and Eve?é.
by Adam "Tr0n" March 08, 2005
word used when someone has a point , or has a comeback that makes sense
Person 1: I'm going to win the election as smartest kid in school
Person 2: You're not popula . No one will vote for you.

Person 1: Touche.
#touche #english #french #slang #hi
by giraffe . December 03, 2014
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