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4 definitions by freakmastercorndog

One who is addicted to the use of computers and every thing about them, especially to look up pr0n. One who may very well be alone his entire life.
That nerdass is a total geedman.
by freakmastercorndog May 04, 2005
6 0
What happens in C__________ stays in C__________. Usually used to refer to girls that you want to fuck but will never see again therefore you tap it once and never tell.
That girl is a total whicsic.
by freakmastercorndog June 06, 2005
4 0
The act of engaging in sexual intercourse in any way, shape, or form.
I did the touch with your mom last night.
by freakmastercorndog June 06, 2005
8 9
An upcoming online game i am developing. It will be hip, hilarious and most of all, fun as hell. It spawned from my friends quote "Can I be Like, uhhhhh..... A Baker?" while he was querying about Runescape.
I am the makerer of Bakerers!
by freakmastercorndog March 07, 2005
2 3