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A period of time (usually one day but possibly spreading to several consecutive days) where absolute fuck all is achieved. Conditions must include waking up in the afternoon, and only leaving the house if a)you would otherwise die or b) indoors gets intolerably boring.
note:Takes it's name from the Duke Ellington song "The Mooche" for it's extreme lazy trudging feeling.
"Hey did you get anywhere with that thing you're working on?"
"Dude no, nothing got done I've been in the mooche for 3 maybe 4 days... I dunno it all blurs together." (this example is often consequential of an awesome party)

"Ah man that was a solid week! I'm going on the mooche - see you in a few days." (this example is a luxury of choice for students with long enough holidays to do so)
by dfdan April 10, 2008
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