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the nickname to a male named Cortez, Dontez, or any other name ending in -tez.
There go my nigga Tez doin his thang.
by HBIC November 15, 2006
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Tez is the shortened down version of 'terrible,' the usual street slang that teens use.
That guy is always making tez jokes, he's not eve funny
by thisonesforyou April 27, 2011
so terrible it is great.

You cannot knowingly make yourself tez.

You/ the item must be branded tez by a third party
It can be a noun, adjective or verb

Noun : What is this piece of tez? or being a massive tezzer

Adjective : A tez hat

Verb: Look at him tezzing down the road
by aw10li September 04, 2013
The eating of one's tea, dinner or evening meal. Coined from the "EZ" sound. This is a brilliant shortening of the word tea as it has the same amount of letters. Genius.
I gota be in @ 5 for my Tez.
by Dez123456 November 27, 2008
TEZ is an east london graffiti artist, reps E1-E3, just write a date and time next to one of his pieces and he'll be there, always been repping
'TEZ' tagged or painted on a wall resembles his mark
by eastlondonarts February 24, 2012
a good-looking woman
Damn! Check out that tez in the corner!
by Wite Hott August 26, 2003
a reaction when someone asks you to do something and you don't wanna!
Kind of a sarcastic remark.
Started in the NixLaou Wayz!
person1 : son you must go get me a bevvy!
person2 : tezzz nay son can't be doin that, ya know what i'm sayin son?
by meef September 13, 2004

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