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(verb) to tezz
tezzing, tezzed

There is a great debate amongst scholars as to the origins of the word tezz. The most popular view in contemporary tezz studies is that it was borne as an abbreviation of the word terrorise. However this is contested and some tezzologists believe it to be derived from the word tease.
Sal: "Jim came in with this massive spot on his fod the other day so we tezzed him all day so hes fallen out with us lolz"

Jamal: "im sick and tired of gettin tezzd coz i've got brown skin and love popadoms"

Jewish paul: "im sick and tired of getting tezzd because i have no foreskin"

Bob: "just tezzing jamal on facebook, i hacked him and put '<3 <3 luvin popadoms 2k9' on his status LOLZ"
by King of da tezzers February 20, 2011
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Slang for committing 'terrorism'; popularised by kids on the streets rioting, particularly during the August 2011 England uprising.
"Who's up for tezzing it up tonight?"
by notatezzer October 28, 2012
Verb: taking photos in the bathroom with your friends. Typically after drinking a lot. The photos are typically promiscuous in nature and may or may not have elements of flashing body parts.
The bathroom attendant got so excited when we were tezzing. She never seen so many fat asses before.
by TheHairWhippa June 30, 2015

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