-A stupid way to communicate

-Great way to get into a car accident
-The reason why people cannot spell properly
-The reason why people cannot talk properly
-Something that kids get addicted to
-A warning sign that society is getting dumber
I don't use texting, it's fucking stupid.
by vladik87 September 12, 2009
A form of involuntary servitude to one's cell phone. Eventually, this slavery becomes a connection that a person deems neccesary for survival. However, for this person's friends, it is usally an annoyance. If this person and his/her peers are, for instance, playing sports, and his friend throw him the ball, that friend will be displeased to find that the person has given up on the game and has decided to text his girlfriend who has spent the past several hours with.
Johnny: Man, I can't believe it, I'm finally beating you in Halo!

Rick: Yea, man.

Johnny: This is awesome! *looks at Rick* Wait, what are you doing

Rick: *is texting* Uhh... nothing man...

Johnny: COME ON MAN!! You spent the last SIX HOURS at your girlfriends house!!
by a somewhat smart person July 16, 2009
A cyber shield which enables middle school girls to eliminate all real conversing with their so called "boyfriends".
Suzy was too embarrassed to tell her boyfriend Jimmy that he was a bad kisser in person so she texted him about the matter.

Rachael was a real bitch so she constantly bombarded her boyfriend Mike with texts in place of actually talking to him.

Rick now owes 100$ to Verizon Wireless because his girlfriend has been constantly texting him about ridiculous things, half of them containing the words OMG and LOL
by TENO June 09, 2009
To carry on a conversation via the sending (and receiving) of text messages. To partake in texting (not simply the sending of a text message) you must have an actual conversation with another, or multiple people, similar to an aim conversation. Texting is very convenient because you can communicate with another individual virtually anywhere at any time, and if you are stealthy enough no one will even know you are texting. Regular texters are silently bound to the rules of text etiquette.
I spent hours last night texting about The Lord of the Rings to my friend.

Kelly got her phone taken away in geometry when the teacher caught her texting.
by Anonymous130 June 12, 2008
A recently facinating type of communication by cellular devices that everyone; and I mean EVERYONE seems to be using. Apparently it's mentally &, physically addictive; much like sex....or Myspace. Mainly consists of a few shortened words that often have no meaning what-so-ever.
A texting conversation is usually somewhere along these lines:

"The Ceiling, You Fucktard."
"lyk omfg u dont got 2 b so bitchy"
"I Wouldn't Be, If You Learned To Use Proper English."
"fck u"
"Yeah, Up Yours!"
by xxbecca November 18, 2008
A way to communicate your friends by "typing" on your cell phone. The most pointless thing in the world.

It also makes your English bad.
Texter: Oh, my friend texted me about <insert gossip here> and were texting for 5 hours straight!

Non-texter: God, why don't you just call the person?
by ~C January 27, 2009
STUPID!! the worlds worst invention that can only break up relationships and tear people further apart
The following dialouge is a representation of two typical people texting about a typical subject:
person 1: what are you doing on saturday?"
person 2:"NOTHING!"
person 1: "oh, wanna hang out?"
person 2: "sure lol"
person 1: "what's so funny, you're a jerkface never talk to me again"
by R. E. Tarded February 25, 2009

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