one of the dumbest things in the world for a relationship.
guy.(looks at phone) lol giggels.........WTH

girl. I wonder if he got my text(ringgggggggggggggg)hello

guy. WTH was that text about.

girl. why the fuck are you calling me hang up and text it.

guy. Why?......hello....hello......fuckin hoe.texting fuking sucks

girl. (looks at text)its over bitch.(calls bf)

guy. hello..

girl. why is it over wad i do?

guy.fku,hang up and text it bitch.
by tacosssssss May 13, 2010
Quite possibly the least intelligent form of communication. Phones were created so people could SPEAK to one another. If you want to talk to someone in a text form of communication, there is this marvelous invention known as a 'keyboard'.
Texting is for the deaf. Not insecure teenagers.
by mike1015 November 08, 2012
Something practically ALL teens do that they're addicted to, and so they lack interpersonal communication.
Addicted Teen: "OMGEE! I love texting! What's your number? I'll text you."
by xKRIZZLYx July 12, 2010
Try it. No human can correctly pronounce the word, "texts" , it usually comes out as "texs".
"I have sent you several textings about your grandmother has fallen and can't get up".
by Destry West July 01, 2011
Texting is a sexual act involving fornication with the woman on her back and legs in the air while being penetrated with a penis and two thumbs. The penis is inserted vaginally while the thumbs manipulate the clitoris and anus which gives the appearance of "texting" when done rythmically during intercourse.
"Yo dude, you texting your girlfriend?"
"Ummm, yeah. All the time. What are you talking about?"

Insert vulgar display of simulated intercourse here involving double thumb penetration.
by The Sniggler December 08, 2011
Unbeknownst to the others adding definitions, it is much easier to send a text than to call someone (maybe you just do not have any friends?). In the same amount of time it takes for the person to pick their phone up, you could have sent of multiple texts.

Secondly, nobody texts like: OMG WTF IS UP yoooo?Most kids now have smartphones (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.), which have full QWERTY keyboards enabling us to talk in a more literate manner.

Lastly, kids are learning in schools and parents do not really care if our face is stuck to our phones. We may be texting in school, but most, if not all, know how to do this little thing called multitasking. Kids really do not want to fail at school. We learn, get good grades, etc. Those that are failing are not failing because of texting. To succeed in school requires a certain mindset. Texting does not get in the way of that.

Texting is a more convenient way of communicating. A lot of people bash it because they're morons and cannot deal with change. That is all technology is, change...

These same people hated the change to DVD and now the change to Blueray. These same people bash social networking, emailing, navigation, etc. Hello, newsflash! We don't need to write letters and mail them anymore. There aren't people working in rooms connecting calls's 2010.

We do not need to waste minutes of our lives speaking to ONE person...
1. Jimmy: Hey, what's up? Would you like to go to the mall later?
Joey: Yeah, let me ask if Sarah wants to come. I'll meet you by the Starbucks.

2. Me: Father can you bring my lunch and wallet to school before you go to work? I forgot them on the dining room table.
Father: Sure, anything else?

3. *Kid texting friend whilst sitting at his desk listening to teacher lecture*
*Teacher asks kids a random question about the thing they're lecturing*
*Kid answers*
by Yumlicious-:) March 16, 2010
texting is for so the person doesnt have to hear your ulgy voice over the phone were if he wanted to hear it he just talk to you in person
"HaHa im glad she's texting"
by Weird_1 June 20, 2009
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