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a person who prefers to send text messages instead of picking up the phone
Sam is such a texter
by Liathano June 13, 2007
This is Aussie slang (so it is pronounced "tex-tah").
Can you pass me that texter so I can highlight this passage?
by Klepto March 16, 2005
n. One who uses, or prefers text messaging.
"Grandma is a very slow texter." or "My girlfriend never returns my texts. She is a very flaky texter." or "She prefers texting so she never calls me. She's definitely a texter."
by BlindedViews May 04, 2012
verb: the act of pestering through texting
this chick won't stop textering me
by boss05 December 12, 2011
A strange , elusive , and magicle , creature that indulges itself in making others suffer or worship the ground he walks on, also owner of the Cookie Munster legion.
Scoobert worships the statue of Texter.
by Texter July 13, 2004

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