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Sony's current gen gaming console released in 2006. When released, the console was overpriced at $500 and $600 (although, this is nothing new). The console has built in wi-fi, blue ray player, and a removable hard drive. The console plays PlayStation 3 games, is able to play DVDs, CDs, BlueRay disks, and mp3s. It also features and internet browser. A PlayStation 3 owner can create a free account with the PlayStaion Network and will be able to download demos, buy certain games online (including certain PlayStation One classics), and game online. Currently, the price for the system is $300 and there is new "slim" model.

The system is in competition with Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360. Some argue that PS3 is the most powerful system of the three. Some developers have stated that the system is harder to program for. Just like the other systems, PS3 has a loyal fan base who feels that this system is best of the three and that the other two extremely inferior (these people are known as fanboys/girls and are extremely annoying).

Even though, the system has been on the market for a few years, it has suffered in sales, although, the sales have been climbing. Some argue, that the PS3 is a big disappointment and failure(like Sega Saturn). Due to recently dropped price, the system has seen a climb in sales.

Performance wise, the system has a low failure rate. On the other hand, there are constant firmware updates.

A note to fanboys and fangirls: Whatever system you support, you need to stop bashing the other systems. It is pointless and will not magically make the your system any better. All you do is try to justify your choice of a system. You are assuring yourselves that you made the right choice. All of the systems have their pros and cons. So, grow up and enjoy whatever system you have.

Some of the current exclusives for the system are: Uncharted:Drake's Fortune, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid 4, Infamous, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Ratchet and Clank: Future Tools of Destruction.

Some of the upcoming exclusives are: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian, The White Knight Chronicles.

Some of the current non-exclusives are: Grand Theft Auto 4, Assassin's Creed, Dead Space, Virtual Fighter 4, Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Dark Sector, Dirt, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Far Cry 2, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4

Some of the upcoming non-exclusives are: Final Fantasy 13, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Assassin's Creed 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Tekken 6, Fallout: New Vegas, Dark Void, Alpha Protocol.
"I bought my Playstation 3 so I could play Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2"

"The Playstation 3 was overpriced."
#ps3 #sony #video game #gamer #killzone 2
by vladik87 September 12, 2009
-A stupid way to communicate

-Great way to get into a car accident
-The reason why people cannot spell properly
-The reason why people cannot talk properly
-Something that kids get addicted to
-A warning sign that society is getting dumber
I don't use texting, it's fucking stupid.
#cell phone #chat #video chat #stupid #im
by vladik87 September 12, 2009
A martial arts school that is solely established to make money instead of genuinely teaching martial arts. A huge percentage of mcdojos in the U.S.
Some signs of a mcdojo:
- The instructor claims to be a 10th degree black belt (highest rank possible that is achieved through lifetime of commitment and practice)
-Instructor like you to refer to him/her as master/grandmaster or some other ego boosting work
-The instructor is overweight
-The instructor walks around like a king but doesn't actually (physically) show any techniques
-The instructor has a nice/expensive car
-The instructor claims to be some kind of champion
-Lots of trophies around the dojo
-Uniforms with lots of unnecessary patches
-Young black belts
-Receiving a black belt in a short amount of time
-No one ever fails a belt test
-Lots of small children running around like it's Chucky Cheese (they are often called little tigers or little dragons or something like that)
-Outrageous prices
-No discipline
-No physical workout (no one is completely exhausted after practice)
-The school enforces point fighting
-No real self-defense
-Little to no contact in sparring
-School claiming to be "Family friendly"

-"A Black Belt School"
-Contract having an option to pay a year in advance
-Guaranteed to have a belt promotion test within 3 months of starting training
-Students showing poor technique and no power
-Young children sparring with adults (imagine being at least a teenager and sparing a 10 year old)
-Instructors claiming to be the best and having the best school
I can go on, but you get the idea.
I am a 10th Degree Black Belt in Karate and Tae Kwon Do, Grandmaster Billy Joe Bob, Ph. D. Tiger Karate McDojo is the school of CHAMPIONS
#karate #tae kwon do #point fighting #fake #money making #worthless
by vladik87 September 11, 2009
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