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Texticals are text induced testicals.

ie. 8====D
the 8 in this case is the texticals.
*Guy: 8====D
*Girl: I hope that isn't to scale.
*Guy: It is hard to make big texticals.
by Caleb the Textical Guru July 20, 2010
The faux testicals of someone who acts tough over text messages, but is actually sweet as pie over the phone or in person. They say things they would NEVER say using their voice, but have no problem saying over text messages.
Via text
Textical: "Dude you're a total bitch and you know that I could kick your ass any day of the week"
Guy: "Ooooh look at the texticals on you!"

Via phone
Textical: "Dude, I really don't like the way you treated me the other day and I would appreciate it if you could stop"
Guy: "What happened to all that shit you were talking via text? Where are your texticals now?"
by Nexiusus June 03, 2010
as getting a text while your phone is on your testicals
i just got a textical
by TJ and Jake williams May 16, 2010
A set of text messages with no purpose other than to amuse or create new texts.
I got a mad set of texticals from my buddy!
by GusJoe February 05, 2010
The suggested size of someone's penis, usually mentioned in IMs.
"lol, he's such a dork, but he's got huge texticals"
by t0xxic September 07, 2007

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