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A drug dealer that sells musty drugs or smells musty.
Jim bought some weed from his dealer, but then it turned out that the niggah was a mustler.
by t0xxic September 07, 2007
In an FPS computer game, when one one player jump-crouches on another's head (usually the player jumped on is AFK or a camper) and begins teabagging that player.
"Lol, that camper n00b just got totally spawnpawned!"
by t0xxic September 06, 2007
The suggested size of someone's penis, usually mentioned in IMs.
"lol, he's such a dork, but he's got huge texticals"
by t0xxic September 07, 2007
Doing well at a computer gaming tournament due to the use of energy drinks (like BAWLS).
"John was totally bawling at that LAN party!"
by t0xxic September 07, 2007

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