An unfortunate side-effect to literacy.
Synonyms: words, letters, boring, funny sticky things, WTF?
Lamar: "I hate having to read all this text."
Joseph: "I just see lots of lines and scribbles."
Lamar: "I envy you."
by RobertOldhead September 22, 2008
typed words cellular to cellular.
I text you yesterday to tell you I was done.
by khorrati July 10, 2012
verb - to have a conversation with someone only in text messaging
"Have you talked to Scotty lately?"
"Yeah, we had text last night"
by pumpkinbelly March 06, 2005
to make perfect
very good quality
A:"yo son, look at my L"
B:"damn yo that shit is text"
by colcol February 05, 2006
Five dogs is more than four dogs.
You are reading it now
by XiTER May 26, 2003
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