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When someone is passed out drunk and is in a vegetable state of mind they are terry schiavoed. It should be the goal of all drinkers to get schiavoed at the end of the night.
Friend got very drunk, blacks out, not moving even when he is kicked, he can only mumble like terry schiavo.
by heraldo shawx April 17, 2006
The woman that died in hospital because they pulled out her feeding tube.
Benedict: Hi Terry
Terry: umhumuh
Benedict: How much milk does your left tit contain:
Terry: uhmumum manaas
Benedict:Fucking retard bitch
Terry: uhmmmmmopoplaladododo
by whoooooooo May 07, 2005
to eliminate someone out of convenience.
You're getting on my nerves,Don't make me terry schiavo your ass .
by timothy brown September 28, 2005
Used by many to refer to a retarted person
Your being such a Terry right now
by Mcjsd July 13, 2005
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