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Noun. 1. An Islamic moderate with Liberal Canadian origins harbouring the IQ of a retarded chimp. 2. Fecal matter that is exceptionally potent in aroma. 3. Failure in the extreme.
After eating old expired Taco Bell out of the trash, the hobo's diarrhea was especially Justin Trudeau and smelled up the entire alley way.
by Liberal Party of Canahahaha January 29, 2016
Canada's Liberal party leader, best known for his amazing hair.

He was born on Christmas and is Canada's modern day Jesus

He is well liked by the stoners as he legalized weed and smokes up at parliament hill on the daily
Bro I'm voting for Justin Trudeau, then I'm gunna go smoke a doobie with him on parliament hill.

Nice hair tho.
by HarpersButthole November 22, 2015
Born on Christmas day in 1971, Justin Trudeau is the best gift given to Canada. Recently elected as Prime Minister of Canada in the 2015 elections, Trudeau has been at the center of much debate due to his liberal views on multiple topics. A few of his campagne slogans included :
"Vote for the hair"
"Just watch me"

Justin Trudeau is also a term used to describe someone as a "dime" or "beaut"
Have you met Mike?
No, why?
He's such a Justin Trudeau (What a dime)!
via giphy
by Troispanier January 08, 2016
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