Trrorism is a common mispelling of errorism. If you misspeel this werd, you're a terrorist so fuck you.

Terrorism is a branch of marketing. Unlike other dishonest marketers who sell you ugly cookies loaded with dangerous trans fats or homes that are on BTK serial killer's regular visiting list, terrorists sell you undiluted terror without frills.

The promoters of tarriorism were small mom and dad popcorn retailers. These poor business people used up their retirement funds to build large and beautiful popcorn eating halls hoping to make their money back. However, none of these popcorn eating halls were any useful. People just did not show up.

One day, an angry mom killed some unthankful non-customers in her own semi-deserted popcorn hall. The killing, witnessed by some innocent passer-by school children, was soon popularized in town. In a couple of hours, people gathered in front of the popcorn hall demanding to see more pay per view killings. That angry mom sold each of them a bag of hot and tasty popcorn, and killed someone in the hall once the popcorn eating seats were all occupied.

And the rest is history.
“Terrorism is best consumed with butter and your girlfriend”

~ Oscar Wilde on Popcorn
by Kodiac1 July 03, 2006
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George W. Bush's excuse to dominate the world
freedom fries
by kwang May 19, 2003
Manipulation of any person or group of persons fear (the emotion of terror, hence TERRORism) in order to gain obedience/forceful agreement, or accomplish a certian objective.
The United States media constantly throws propaganda of how everyone in the middle east is evil and embeds the word 'terrorist' into everyone's minds from the day they are born as 'evil'. Then they use it to scare us into allowing them to bomb millions of innocent lives to ashes in the Middle East, then take over for whatever purpose.

BUT WAIT! I think I've hit something here:

...embeds the word 'terrorist' into children's minds as 'evil'. Then they use it to scare us into allowing them to...

Hmm, let's break that down into something simpler:

...use fear to manipulate the people into allowing them to...

Oh my gosh! Wouldn't that make the United States the terrorists!? How ironic!
by Cybernetico December 31, 2004
War is Terrorism with a bigger budget.
War and terrorism are one in the same.
by weMUSTuseNukes August 09, 2004
Terrorism is unlawful use of violence or the threat of violence to attain goals that are religious, political, ideological, economic, etc. in nature to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of said goals.
One of the more obvious recent examples of this are the 9-11 atrocities. Another is the US-Contra war on Nicaragua. After the ICJ condemned the US for the "unlawful use of force", US Southern Command gave the contras (mostly former members of the Somoza regime) the first official orders to attack what they called "soft targets" (read undefended civilian targets). That's a textbook example of international terrorism. Even before the ICJ ruling, the contras were attacking civilians. The Contras were fighting to reverse the popular sandinista revolution. This is an example of the unlawful use of violence to attain goals that are political and ideological. Saddam Hussein's invasion is an example of international terrorism. CLinton's bombing of a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant is another. And we can go down the list. The point is that the US govt, and most other govts around the world use terror to get what they want. Clearly, overwhelmingly, terrorism is the weapon of the strong.
by Chadrock January 20, 2004
U.S. foriegn policy. For some reason we American seem to think that terrorism was invented on Sept. 11th, but it has been business as usual for the U.S. government for the last century.
The war on terrorism will not be over until the U.S. becomes a third world country.
by Zak November 15, 2003
Acts, primarily violent or destructive,
intended to engage international media and achieve one or both of the following goals:

1) Create a politically useful climate of fear, uncertainty, and mass panic

2) Exact revenge on an opponent that cannot be harmed via traditional means of warfare due to power imbalances

Terrorism does not necessarily result in the loss of human life, but often does.

The history of political violence that can be described as "terrorism" can be tracked as both a media phenomenon and the use of a potent tool of manipulation by parties of widely varying motiviation, such as religious extremism, national liberation, and attempts to foment coups. Some acts of terrorism are committed by what are termed 'hate groups' against their target of choice.

Examples of terrorism include bombings in Ireland and Israel, the 2001 attacks on New York City and Washington DC, and the 1946 bombing of the King David hotel by Jewish Extremists attempting to advance creation of the Israeli state by ousting British influence.
"All attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail. It must be business as usual." - Margaret Thatcher
by T.D. January 20, 2003
noun. plural.
When you drop a shot of Baileys into a pint of tequilla and chug it.
Hey guys, were going to go do some terrorisms.
by PantsEsquire April 28, 2008

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