The act of threatening someone with violence in order to obtain something or accomplish a goal.
Terrorism can be perfrom by anyone. For example threatening to punch a guy in the face if he doesn't give you five dollars count as terrorism, but don't tell Bush
by Tonio31 August 31, 2006
1. Acts of covert violence against civilians designed to create fear.
2. George W. Bush's excuse to bomb every Arab nation in the world.
by Anonymous March 03, 2003
A violent act to be carried out for religious and/or political reasons. The government usually uses terrorism to cause fear of the populace to take away civil liberties even create false terror or even fund certain radical terrorist factions to instigate terror attacks to create a panic atmosphere. Also the terrorism label gets applied to those that don't always agree with the policies of the government.
Fear creates more fear and causes people to agree to almost anything even policies declared immoral. Fear is the tool that radicals use to take over countries even violate the Constitution. The whole point of terrorism is to instigate fear and terror in the heart of the citizenry.
by uswgo September 16, 2011
Terrorism is the deliberate targeting of innocent persons for bodily harm in order to promote a political, "religious," or economic goal. Note that religious is in quotes, because no "real" religion would permit this.
Unlike Pearl Harbor on 7-Dec-1941, the 11-Sep-2001 attack on the Pentagon was an act of terrorisom. This is because a cilvilian aircraft with civilian passengers and crew was used as the weapon of attack.
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
strategy used by goverment officials to manipulate the public's desision to reach a surtain goal
Bush caused the terrorism on 9/11 to have an excuse to have a war against iraq
by u do0n't kn0w me April 26, 2009
Terrorism is the use of non-mandated pressure to achieve an outcome. It is NOT an act of war and generally has political motives. A group of bank robbers are not terrorists, nor are the legitimate armies of any country. The Vietnam war provides a good case and point; the US public initially approved of the action, then as casualties mounted, issues highlighted, the people themselves decided to change the government and stop the war, most definitely not terrorism of any kind. In many Arab, African and Latin countries, Terrorists engage in their actions regardless of government orders or the wishes of the majority of the people. They are ungovernable as they are sociopathic by definition.
When the people can vote out a government and end a war, that war is not terrorism.

The unabomber, suicide bombers, even Greenpeace and the like are terrorists; the U.S., Iraq, Pakistan as sovereign countries with a voting public governing policy are most definitely not.
by nickkeesing November 13, 2007
1) Systematic use of terror, manifesting itself in violence or intimidation, for generating fear.

2) Technique used by Governments to manipulate public opinion in order to further an agenda.
Terrorism a.k.a bullshit and most overused word of the century.
by xrhythmix June 25, 2007

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