Terrorism is the use of non-mandated pressure to achieve an outcome. It is NOT an act of war and generally has political motives. A group of bank robbers are not terrorists, nor are the legitimate armies of any country. The Vietnam war provides a good case and point; the US public initially approved of the action, then as casualties mounted, issues highlighted, the people themselves decided to change the government and stop the war, most definitely not terrorism of any kind. In many Arab, African and Latin countries, Terrorists engage in their actions regardless of government orders or the wishes of the majority of the people. They are ungovernable as they are sociopathic by definition.
When the people can vote out a government and end a war, that war is not terrorism.

The unabomber, suicide bombers, even Greenpeace and the like are terrorists; the U.S., Iraq, Pakistan as sovereign countries with a voting public governing policy are most definitely not.
by nickkeesing November 13, 2007
A synthesis of war and theater. Use of media sensationalization and redundancy combined with hostile tactics which generally violate all of the Geneva Conventions to instill fear among a given population.
Fox news always has a new terrorism "threat" we all have to look out for. The more stories about these "threats", the more the enemy wins. The media is the terrorist's stage.
by Endakol June 03, 2010
Any person who carries, deploys or operates a knife, gun, firearm, bomb or other weapons delivery system in such a way that innocent members of the public fall within its radius.

Terrorist: (Noun) Person who undertakes this action or activity. Also (Adj), describing the activity.
The prince's bodyguard dropped his automatic machine pistol in the resulting scuffle outside the nightclub and sent it scuttling across the pavement, but fortunately it's safety catch held and potentially widespread harm from the terrorism was avoided.
by French Maid May 17, 2010
A political weapon used as a means to inspire fear and terror within a person or group of persons, such as a nation. It may or may not involve the killing of innocent people or mass-scale destruction. Nonetheless, it is meant to weaken a nation or organization from the inside, rendering said nation vulnerable to outside attack.
Osama Bin Laden's display of terrorism on the World Trade Center was not intended simply to kill and destroy. It was the first step in a plan to cripple the United States and later dominate the nation, thus opening the gates for the REAL problems to spill through and spread worldwide.
by Fenix18 October 07, 2007
Violence committed by people who do not have an airforce.
The LTTE is one exception; they own a couple of helecopters. Drug lords have private jets too.
by Joseph Fallon September 13, 2004
The political action of which our nation was founded.
When separating from england the supporters would use terrorism such as tar and feathering and railing to force the non-supporters to ban products or in general be disloyal to the crown.
by therationalthinkeroftheworld July 30, 2009
Ideal form of motivation.
"If you don't do that shit, i'm gonna terrorize your ass."

Terrorist - "Sup Georgie B? Ima go and fly one of them aircrafts into some of yo buildings, if thats cool with you.

Georgie B - "Nah man thats not aight."

Terrorist - "But dawg, we gots oilz."

Georgie B - "lol, aight."

Terrorism and Motivation go hand in hand.
by Danielz January 23, 2007

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