A smaller less powerful nation is invaded and occupied by another with greater strength due to political, economic... reasons. Its territorial integrity violated, it's population humiliated who then try to fight off their foreign occupiers with all means possible including blowing them selves up with as many invaders as possible this is an act of desperation, but in what’s supposed to be the more civilised west it's defined as an act of terrorism???
by Ma Zhou July 03, 2003
According to US sources, a phenomenon that came into existence on September 11, 2001
American 1: We now live in a post september 11 world. It's not the same anymore.

American 2: If only terrorism didn't exist...
by mockingbird83 February 05, 2010
Simply put, using threats of death, violence, insurrection or intimidation for political gain occuring most often in the Middle East, but is spreading rapidly around the world. Terrorism is not a 20th Century phenomenon. It traces its history back many, many centuries. Terrorism, in its traditional sense, began in the Middle East and is actually the result of an ongoing family feud between the desendants of Abraham: Ishmael and Issac and the battle between Israel and Palestine. According to Genesis chapters 21-22, Abraham was promised a son by God in his old age. As a result of his unbelief, he had an illegitimate son named Ishmael (the father of the Arabs) with his maidservant Hagar. Abraham and his wife Sarah then had a younger, legitimate son named Isaac (father of the Jews and ultimately the nation of Israel) that God had promised. According to Jewish law, the first-born male of every family (Ishmael in this case) receives a birthright. The birthright was land (today the nation of Israel). However, Ishmael was not the legitimate son and was not entitled to the land but to Isaac instead. After Abraham’s test by God of offering Isaac as a sacrifice, he was promised a “great nation”—the Jewish nation and ultimately the land of Israel. Ishmael and his descendants tried to take the land away from Isaac’s descendants and everything has been hell as a result. Terrorism is the result of this family feud because it denies Israel’s right to exist and wants to destroy it. Terrorism supports the creation of Palestine (which has NEVER existed). Numerous terrorist organizations have been created in the Middle East to destroy Israel and the Jews, but all attempts will fail. Terrorism has spread throughout the world and has reached Europe and the shores of the United States.
Terrorism is a cancer to a freedom loving society and is a political, social, cultural and religious problem. It is traditionally driven by Islam.
by krock1dk December 05, 2007
Anyone with a weapon who isn't American.
"we gunnar kill us sum towel-head terrorists. Hur hur." -George Bush.
by Goo April 30, 2003
Now, as redefined by the Dept. of Defense, seemingly any small body of individuals rising up and/or fighting for their liberation- or that of the group, nation, region they represent- against a large body of individuals or institutions (also known as the State). Forms of may vary. See also, guerrilla warfare.
by radio August 05, 2003
Some one who is associated or with stand the moral believes of one mahmoud moustafa
A lebo with glasses green eyes and a beard
by Mahmoud February 07, 2005
Shit people scared america with. Made lightin a cigarette in an airport impossible.
Terrorism on a plane:
Babii:bye bye plane!x5
Randon person:the babiiz a terrorist git it!!!
Poor babii iz hog tied in bathroom and mom the same!
by bleeep you! July 10, 2008
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