A "terd" is commonly known to be an annoyance of some sort in one's life.
He is such a terd!
What a little terd!
This a total terd!
by berber August 22, 2003
An archetypical nerd like Professor Frink or Steve Urkel. A portmanteau of "true" and "nerd." Used to distinguish from "nerd", which has, over the past few decades, lost its bite.
The Red T-Shirt guy at Blizz-Con 2010 was a terd. He made all the other nerds at Blizz-Con look like rock stars.
by jah77 November 01, 2010
Shit. Nothing more or less.
my terd is named mike
I have seen some big terds
by Anon. Man November 24, 2008
Similar to turt, only a stupid idiot that deserves to be named after a piece of shit.
"Look at that Terd being an emo. Now everyone knows that retards like being bitchy about their problems!"
by Hades Bitch August 26, 2008
The correct way of spelling terd which means poop.
I spell it "terd"
That's right not "turd"
by asian67890 November 16, 2008
a person who takes the long way about doing something extremely simple
"Where the fuck where you all day? All you had to get was milk!" "Well the dairy was sixty miles a way." "You're a terd!!!"
by bakerd812 April 09, 2004
Coiler, floater, or a piece of sh**!
Ussualy smelly. Brown or greenish brown whitnuts ocasionally
My dog left a coiler in the backyard.
by ted August 31, 2003

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