when a girl jacks two guys off at the same time. then she gives the middle guy a blow job.
damn, sabrina gave josh, camdon, and jerry a teradactyle. what a how.
by douch bag October 01, 2007
1. A person with an abnormally large nose, physically and metaphorically.
2. Generally the source for unnecessary drama and 'Boy trouble'.
3. A person that is obnoxious in large or small crowds, tending to be the person guilty of inducing migranes.
4. A person that plays the victim card EVERY SINGLE TIME in search of self-worth and use self-mutilation as a way to gain attention.
1. Teradactyle has lift off..! If you wanna keep your eyes, cover them..
2. That friggin teradactyle never says anything to my face. If I had a beak as a nose, I'd be ashamed for people to see it too.
3. UGGHH!! What is that OBNOXIOUS sound?!? I thought teradactyles were extinct... damm you carma...
4. That chick over-reacts way too much. Between the talons and jagged teeth, she can't help but be vicsiously mutilated somewhere new each day.
by TorchTheMoles. October 20, 2010

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