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5 definitions by Tyger

chinese accented "And Then"
"you wan wha? ok ok, an den....???"
by Tyger March 11, 2003
Dirty-minded young woman; young woman who exploits and corrupts older men.
"Damn man, that mohmoh took my money and my virginity"
by Tyger January 16, 2005
different way of saying "off the hook/heezy"
Man motha fucka that shit was off da heezout!
by tyger August 17, 2003
Teradactyl: a sex manuver in which, right before the male ejaculates, he brings the blanket over his shoulders and flaps his "wings" against the female.
Rob did one helluva teradactyl last night...
by Tyger March 16, 2005
Ty and Illya Nigel-Ian Laney
"Man, deyz a DAMN SEXY COUPLE!!"
by Tyger March 11, 2003