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The sexual act of performing fellatio and simultaneously jerking off two penii. This motion resembles that of a teradactyl in flight. Related to skiing, but arms are raised, and mouth is open.
I used to think that the teradactyl was extinct until Bruce, Dante, and I met up with that ho-bag Tina.
by RagingClue December 10, 2006
Teradactyl: a sex manuver in which, right before the male ejaculates, he brings the blanket over his shoulders and flaps his "wings" against the female.
Rob did one helluva teradactyl last night...
by Tyger March 16, 2005
A flight attendant who continues to work well past retirement age; a flying dinosaur.
Look at the bad botox on that skyhag! It's a teradactyl!!
by cheap pilot July 24, 2009
the act of fucking a girl in the bushes while hopping on one leg and swinging your arms like a teradactyl; originally created by Adam Winter
Did you hear about that girl who got teradactyled at the bus stop?... She'll be out for a few days...
by holatta fagina March 05, 2009
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