This stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is used by sending an electrical current through particular parts of the body to block pain in chronic pain situations. Some people use this as a fetish object, where they use the TENS machine to shock various parts of themselves for pleasure (see electrophilia)
Football player: My back hurts.
Doctor: I'm going to put you on this TENS machine for a while, so that it will block the pain.

Sally: I like shocking myself.
Guy: WTF? Well, how do you do it?
Sally: I hook myself up to this TENS machine. It feels stronger than a violet wand, and I like it!
by Fractal-Pterodactyl July 21, 2012
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A human being shaped so perfectly that their hotness is almost painful to look at:

Boys; know you've met a ten when she tells you a joke and you accidentally spit coke in her face.

Girls; know you've met a ten when the fact that he's even speaking to you makes you wet.

Be careful! Tens know it. They have mirrors too. Their prettyness is so intense that you will forgive anything just to be around them. They are not always nice people.
'That 10 bitch better keep away from my man'

Yeah, he forgot my birthday; but check him: He's a ten.
by Kitty Garcia September 24, 2005
£10 of marajuana. tens=£10
"have u got a tens"
"chip in for a tens"
by ZODIAC January 04, 2005
a female who has the total body package
"Young, shawty is a ten! She is so like that."
by Kim Brown February 24, 2004
top-quality. refers to a ten-point scale on which TEN is the highest and ZERO is the lowest. this scale can measure anything

sometimes used with "a," as in "A TEN"
my schedule for this quarter is a TEN

my heavens, there's a TEN
by Anonymous December 20, 2001
the numbers from 10 to 19, esp. the second decade of a century or of a person's life. (i.e. the years 2010 through 2019.)
The American economy began to flourish again in the tens, an era that represented a fresh start for the United States.
by OsirusR July 14, 2009
n., Casual reference to any ten millimetre automatic pistol.
Got my ten in my hand / and a gleam in my eye
by T.D. January 20, 2003
Without a doubt, the greatest Pearl Jam album ever. Every song is simply amazing. Vocalist Eddie Vedder held nothing back on this one.
Pearl Jam rocks. Ten is a masterpiece.
by Kazaam December 19, 2004

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