£10 worth of weed, one sixteenth of an ounce or 1.75g
That tens was pretty chung
by Aidan Brooks June 01, 2005
The ship name for Tris and Four (or Tobias) from Divergent.
The name is created by using the number of fears each one of them had (four and six).
OMG! Ten is my OTP
by preachingsince1996 February 28, 2013
Highest score on a rating system for females, originally popularized by the Bo Derek movie "Ten" in which she really IS a TEN (now, she's slipped to a 9-1/2). TEN=top-quality,TEN is the highest and ZERO is the lowest. This scale can rate anything but women are the most popular use of it.
Susan Sarandon is a ten.

Sharon Stone is a 10.

Elizabeth Shue is an eleven (overdrive !)

Janet Jackson is a 4.

I have known trolls and coyote ugly girls who were 1's, 2's, and even 3's.
by Jake March 09, 2004
What listeners of the Seattle-based podcast Too Beautiful to Live (TBTL) are called and what they call themselves. Stemming from the early days of TBTL as a radio show on Seattle's KIRO when the host, Luke Burbank, would refer to the "literally tens of listeners," instead of hundreds or thousands. This title has since been adopted by the listeners and is now often prefaced with a town, region, or neighborhood or integrated into the name of a town, state, etc.
1. I listen to TBTL and I am therefore one of the Tens.

2. I am (your name here) of the (Your Town Here) Tens.

3. BosTens (Boston Tens), Tenverites (Denver Tens), Ballard Tens, etc...
by A Ten September 13, 2009
english slang: an amount of weed costing £10. usually around 1.5 to 2 grams.
wah blo geezer just picked up a ten wanna come toke?
by ston3r February 13, 2006
This stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is used by sending an electrical current through particular parts of the body to block pain in chronic pain situations. Some people use this as a fetish object, where they use the TENS machine to shock various parts of themselves for pleasure (see electrophilia)
Football player: My back hurts.
Doctor: I'm going to put you on this TENS machine for a while, so that it will block the pain.

Sally: I like shocking myself.
Guy: WTF? Well, how do you do it?
Sally: I hook myself up to this TENS machine. It feels stronger than a violet wand, and I like it!
by Fractal-Pterodactyl July 21, 2012
A word used to express a sense of achievement or awesomness, often accompanying an expression of flatulance.

It is not uncommon for the word to be drawn out to match the length, pitch and decibel of the accompanying guff.
Said in unison with a fart "Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeen" or upon notification of achievement or well-being "Ten!"
by Nick No 1 February 18, 2010

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