A babies' program that has 4 weird fat things called Tinky Winky, Dipsy, LaLa and Po. They are 4 different colours, Purple, Green, Yellow and Red. They live in a strange looking house that is in the middle of a field, and they have a Sun which has a baby head on it.
The Teletubbies are one weird program.
by Psycho Bitch April 15, 2004
Term for a penis, unusually short, but chubby and fat in width, and weird looking
Jezell: So what happened after your date with Rob? Details!

Kaya: OMG...Absolutely nothing. I thought he would be packin', but nope this motherfucker got a teletubby, smh. Cant judge a book by its cover. I just left and went home.

Jezell: WOW lmao
by Jaiin Doe October 13, 2010
1. A British television program intended for very young children. Unfairly criticized by some adults who read hidden symbolism into the main characters' appearance, environment, and/or behavior. (Refuting such claims is beyond the scope of this web site, however.)

2. The title characters of this program: four characters with childlike faces, colorful unisex body-suits, and television screens on their bellies. All of the Teletubbies have a uniquely-shaped antenna growing from the top of their heads; these antennas glow whenever one of them receives a signal from the outside world (a short, live-action film starring children from various countries).

The rest of the show depicts Teletubbies acting like toddlers: sleeping and waking, exercising, playing outside, discovering strange objects. They also enjoy hugging each other, usually accompanied by their trademark phrase "Big hug!"
1. I've known people who were straight as arrows, never used recreational drugs, and didn't live with their children...but who still watched _Teletubbies_.

2. My friend's four-year-old daughter wore pajamas with pictures of the Teletubbies.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 17, 2006
gay dudes with strange shaped sex toys on their heads
teletubbies= gay dudes with strange shaped sex toys on their heads
by keebles August 25, 2012
A person who is usually getting beat in the wilderness of Runescape, and decides to teleport out of the wilderness.
PLayer A: * gets a 26 hit on him then teleports*
Player B: Stupid noob. What a tele tubby!
by adam36987 December 05, 2007
In the game of runescape (which is an MMORPG) there are certain areas where you can fight other players. If you are in a fight and teleport out. You are referred to as a teletubby. Meant to be an insult.
"O my god i was about to kill that guy and he teleported! Stupid tele tubby!"
by Thebub March 11, 2007
The spawn of Lucifer after the sun god used a spell for youth by dividing bits of his soul into 5 different beasts (It failed turning him to a immortal baby, and he is forced to smile when he feels anger and suffering).The red teletubby Po (Painful Oblivion) was originally white but he murdered the 5th teletubby known as Twinkie. Representing all the blood and lifes sacrificed for the sun god. The Purple teletubby represents the destruction of other stars and gods, his name Twinkie Winky relates to the song twinkle twinkle little star but the star was destroyed. Dipsy is the sun's creation of plague put upon to ravage anything to bother the 4 teletubbies with unforgiving hell. The last teletubby Laa Laa (Mentally Disabled) represents the sun himself, and his mistake for creating these foul beasts. In the belly of the teletubbies is a portal that shows the souls of people they have consumed.
teletubbies....4 horsemen of the sun god.
by Tarzan flip flop brownie shake January 30, 2015
The Teletubbies is a television show targeted towards infants. The program is designed to be educational, but I don’t see what’s so educational about it.

The series features these four creatures that go by the names of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Yaa-Yaa, and Po. They live in Teletubby Land, a fictional turf inhabited by rabbits. Every morning, a nightmare-inducing baby sun extends over the horizon. If you look into its eyes, you will notice it staring into your soul. There are also windmills everywhere, so it’s pretty obvious the teletubbies rely on wind power as a source of electricity. The teletubbies live in a laboratory underneath a hill. Their diet consists mostly of toast and a pinkish semi-liquid known as "tubby custard". They are friends with a sentient vacuum cleaner that helps them clean up every time they make a mess or spill something. When they wake up, speakers emerge from outside their lab to greet them.
Teletubbies is one trippy show. Watch it at own risk.
by cheeseperson12 March 07, 2013

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