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Teletubbies is a CHILDRENS (yes, that's why it sucks-to all the other people who defined this- it's made for babies, go watch TV for people your own age, you faggots) television show created by the BBC. There are four telltubbies- Tinky Winky, Dispy, la la and Po. They live in a field in a strange houe, and educate children (there goes that word again) about shit that they really don't care about. It's actually commisioned by the Labour party to promote racial equality. Most of the time though, it gets boring once they switch their stomachs on.
I stepped on a rabbit; the teletubbies are gonna be pissed at me.
by Gumba Gumba March 13, 2004
an obese person that likes men, a fat person who is gay
barney is really a teletubby.
by billyz0914 November 01, 2007
a girl that looks good behind a counter but comes out and has fat thighs and a huge waist line.
Dude i was eyeing this girl up behind the counter and that teletubby came out from behind and was huge
by shittypinky February 24, 2009
FolkishGiraffe is the sun!
Yeah! Dipsy, LaLa, Poe, Tinky Winky!
by dhslax01 April 28, 2005
One of the greatest programs ever to hit BBC or PBS.
Mewtwo is the only Pokemon who watches the Teletubbies regularly.
by Mewtwo December 02, 2007