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1 definition by Cactusmang

Designed for the gay, stoned and children under 7. Commonly annouced as one of the gayest shows in the history of television entertainment. Exmaple of gayness: The Noo-noo (which young children use to say privates for example my no no spot- and incase your wondering The Noo-noo is a vacuum) recored by what sounds like someone getting a blow job, the triangle and last but not the least the gay names... hence tinky winky...
Dipsy: Hey Twinky Winky lets try and make the sounds that The Noo-noo makes!
Tinky Winky: Ok!!
Later on: Slurp Slurp Gulp Gulp!
Dipsy: Wow that was fun!
Tinky Winky: Wow use teletubbies sure are gay Dispy!
Dipsy: Damn straight!
by Cactusmang March 30, 2006