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The best fucking fraternity in the whole fucking world!
Tau Kappa Epsilon is redefining fraternity
by stretch October 26, 2004
hash dens
come from 1920's and 1930's Greek hash and opium dens( which were famous for their traditional music and Turkish hash smoking)

a bar or café where one smokes hash, hookah with hash or weed while listening to some music and dance.
- you wanna smoke a joint with me

- yea, let's go to the tekes and smoke some good Turkish hash
by evee_queen June 16, 2011
Maori word for: Vagina, Pussy, Cunt, etc.
Stink teke!!! Tight Teke!!! Sweet teke!!! Tasty Teke!!!
by MzThang87 November 16, 2005
v. (to teke, teked, teking, tekes)

To throw flour all over someone (giving an antique look), usually when the person is intoxicated or unconscious and laying down. Popularized by the television series, Jackass.
When Scott passed out, both of my friends teked him good. He looked just like an antique!
by Jeffro June 27, 2005
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