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A route that involves changing freeways or highways multiple times to get to your destination.
I took the "dayton route" to get from Akron to Parma.
by Bruiser November 24, 2003
Any individual who through fate or their own misfortune finds themselves wearing a headset and mostly taking incoming calls for any organization that provides "assistance" to idiots too dumb to RTFM, or follow simple written directions, just so they can pay their freakin' bills and get another job.
Well since Bush has turned his back on the middle class and ruined the economy, I'll take one of these "great new jobs in the service economy" and work as a phone zombie at a couple of jobs to try to hang onto my mortgage/apartment/refrigerator box, till I get a job that pays more than $8.00 an hour if I'm lucky!
by Bruiser August 03, 2004
dick sucking anal bitch fucker
You are a tekeing asshole.
by bruiser March 16, 2005

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