Derived from the character of Ted Mosby portrayed in the television show "How I Met Your Mother", to Ted on someone is to be heavily in like with said individual. It especially applies to an individual which considers himself/herself to be a "hopeless romantic". It can, but must not necessarily, be accompanied by statements or actions which would seem to the average person as a bit exaggerated, unnecessary, or possibly even bordering on creepy. It is generally used as an endearing term when in the absence of excessive creepiness.
Guy 1: "Everything's been going really great with Tara so far dude... she's smart and pretty; she laughs at all my jokes, likes the same things I do, and she's interested in a relationship instead of just fooling around! WIN!!! She's freaking steak-sauce awesome!"

Guy 2: "You're totally Tedding on Tara then, I take it? Are you gonna serenade her with a string quartet later?"
by theanalogkid December 11, 2011

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