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Expensive fashionware company referenced in many song lyrics, especially in references to purses and bags
she was cute, and mad fly
she had the Prada knapsack, with the hat to match - lil' kim
by sek April 03, 2003
What the Devil wears.
The Devil Wears Prada - Hey John, What's Your Name Again?
by ayygurl February 06, 2010
A $1,000 bag of weed.
Hey Jimmy want to go half on a prada?
by Jtillo November 18, 2011
To say that a final decision has been made. Like saying "Final Answer", "Period", "That's Final"
I'm not going to the bar with you. Prada.
by celesguy1 February 16, 2008
Pussy; female genitalia; after purse. From the Italian fashion company known for its purses and handbags.
After dinner, Paul tried to get up in her prada.
by Anthony Caporale April 19, 2008

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