The guardians of silence; the masters of darkness. They wear the blackness of midnight, and walk as the wind does; sometimes silently, sometimes howlingly, but always swiftly and with purpose. They live behind the curtains.

They are the ninjas.
The actors are the pirates.
If you see a techie, it is because they want you to.
by Sulphos November 09, 2011
1. An often highly skilled person involved with technical theatre. Technical theatre involves sound technicians (A1s: board operator and A2s: microphone placement backstage), light board operators (spot light operators also), light designers, set designers, a deck crew (who move everything on and off stage), a props crew (who look after and repair props), a fly crew (in simple terms, the person who utilizes the pulley system on stage left or stage right to lower flats that hang from the batons located above the stage), and a costume crew (minor repairs and makeup). Although technicians are the most skilled workers in theatre, we hardly get credit for our work.

To be a good technician you must have basic knowledge of lights (Ellipsoidals, Pars, Fresnels, etc.) and gels, be able to do basic mixing on the sound board, and be able to QUIETLY move things on and off stage. A good technician is versatile.

2. Technicians are required to wear all black, during rehearsals and shows, so as to not be seen between the wings on stage or the "booth" (where the sound board, light board, and spot lights are most likely placed).

3. The most important thing is that the term "techie" is an offensive name. It is used by many actors to demean us. However, some actors don't mean any harm by using this word, they just don't know this term's negative connotation.

4. Last of all, technicians are the elite of the theatre. Do not mess with us because we will make you look horrible on stage.
Actor, "Hey techie, get over here and fix my costume..".
by BabyClaire July 10, 2008
The magic makers of the theatre world, whom are generally under appreciated mainly by the audience but also the actors. They generally wear all black so as not to be seen during the show. They work in a variety of fields such as costumes, makeup, set, props, lights, and sound. There is moderate rivalry between the various aspects of tech and it has been put to question whether the less technical aspects of tech (costumes, makeup...etc) count as official techies. There is something called techie discrimination that while subtle still exists. its the belief that that techies are inferior to actors which is of course incorrect. Techies tend to have very dirty minds and use foul language (not saying actors are any better) but also be very brilliant. Respect and compliment your local techies! I recommend that all actors do some tech work so as to better appreciate what these people do!
Omg that techie is really cute!
crap i ripped my costume i better find a costume techie
That sound techie is sooo dreamy it almost makes being mic'd bearable
get your head in the game sweetie hes a techie, sooo beneath you
wow the set was amazing for that show! I wanna go find and thank the set techies
by Just another actress September 04, 2013
someone who has a high interest in computers, and almost always looks at the technicallities of things
bill gates but not as rich and not as evil
by scootin-kyle November 22, 2003
A person who is an enthusiast that enjoys and loves Techno and Electronica...and in many cases house music as well. Many Techies would listen to Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Dubstep, Justice, Uffie, Skrillex, Benni Benassi, Fitz (MabyIt'sFitz) and more in that genre. Many do enjoy the usual ULTRA Music Festival, Electric Daisy, Electric Zoo, and many other festivals and concerts. A lot of these people (Techies) are fun loving, awesome, kickass people that know how to have a good time and have good taste in accenting any headgear, Helmets or "Heads" of the Dj's/ composers.
Person #1: "Hey are you going to ULTRA Music Fest.?"

Person #2: "No, I'm not a Techie, I hate that type of music."

Person#1:.... "THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Techies are friggen awesome and the girls are hot dude."

Person #2: .... *Listens to Dubstep and Deadmau5* "I am sorry for the Blastfamy that I have said..."
by ThatonegirlTechie August 02, 2011
Another word (a noun) used to describe the boys of Sydney Technical High.

St George Girls High is their sister school.
St George Girl 1: "Oh my god, are you dating a Techie?"

St George Girl 2: "*cough* DO I LOOK THAT DESPERATE TO YOU?"
by flybyme June 04, 2009
1.A person who loves technology and IT/gamer culture. Loves computers, internet, anime, video games, dance/electronica music, autotune, anything that is on G4TV. Uses myspace/facebook more than just keeping up with their friends. Usually non-conformists because they are spending their money on cool gadgets than clothes and makeup.
2. A person who is an IT professional or is in a computer science or IT major in college.
1.Bob is a techie. He has the latest gadgets and he knows how to fix and program them too.
2. You better have the techie fix my computer.
by Kyle 230 July 25, 2009

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