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High-quality cloth-backed adhesive tape. Stronger, stickier, more reliable, and generally about 1000x more versatile than duct tape. Also as much as $25/roll. Fixes just about anything and everything and can be used to rig up just about anything on a photo of cine shoot. Has a strong cult-like following among professionals in the visual arts.
Hey - take up the slack in that cord and gaff it to the C-stand.
by Dave "Bulldog" Munson December 09, 2003
magical substance that can answer or fix almost any problem that may arise
n oproblem i got some gaff tape
by tweek December 19, 1999
A potenialy life saving substance, very expensive, but very usefull.
-Oh no! That big heavy luma is going to fall on georges head!

-No problem, its being held to the electric with gaff tape.
by radicaledward July 10, 2004