1)A term used to refer to a person who is interested in technology almost to the point of obsession.
2)A person that is extremely knowledgeable about Information Technology. These individuals generally have built custom CPU towers that run a opensource OS from either a UNIX or Linux thread. As well as spend Much of there free time researching new Computer technologies.

3)Techie is a term that a "Computer Nerd" may use to refer to himself or other "Computer Nerds" but may not be used by others (Kind of like the equivalent to the N word for "Computer Nerds") It is derogatory for non Techies to refer to someone as a Techie.

*Can also be spelled Techy

((however the "Teamsters" that work back stage at theaters are now using the term "Techie" (with the "ie" spelling) to try and dissociate them selves with the teamsters that work on film sets.)Not cool!!! real Techies/Techys have come up with pretty much every major advancement in the technological field for the last 40+years. without them you wouldn't have the computerized lighting and sound systems that you use todays. that would make your jobs a lot harder. So please respect the title)
Techie 1: Hi I need a patch to make a new Barracuda HDD work with freenas v0.68
Techie 2: check the techie forums
Techie 1: Hi I'm new @ this forum but am comp lit and do consider my self to be a Techie
non-techie 1: look at that new kid over there he so lame
non-techie 2: yeah I heard he's head of the Computer Club what a techie
by DCBoy June 05, 2010
people who do it in the booth, in the dark, and in ur mom
god loves gaff tape
if we could read minds, then we wouldn't need HEADSETS
little breyer teddy bear
by megan hurd May 08, 2005
Euphemism for geek, usually used by geeks themselves
I must admit I'm a bit of a techie, I like to sit behind the computer all day
by ds March 18, 2005
1. a student in a technical or engineering collage

2. a person with technical skills or knowledge
I can't stand these techies and their mindless droneing.
by Light Joker February 07, 2006
a nerdy kid from brooklyn tech
techie: heyy i jus got a 101.5 on my chemistry test.
me: uhh...yea..that's great
techie:Now i have to go home and study for my history test tomorrow. Then I have to go reinstall software for my printer
me: sighh...what a techie
by SLiM ShAwDYy May 10, 2007
A person working in the IT Technical Sector. Usually seen with massive amount of hardware in their pockets, drinking coffee while meant to be working.
Q: Where's the techie
A: I don't know!
by Mal September 08, 2003
One who attended High Technology High School. See techer, geek, and loser.
John Penning will be a techie for life.
by Bill Clerico December 15, 2004

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