a prude boy who leads you on but never does anything when it comes to sexual activity
We were making out last night and he kept putting his hand up my shirt but kept pulling his hand back and never did anything. fucking tease
by xtal qsvr August 02, 2006
1. What a person is called when the person who feels is getting teased is weak, grow some balls man up and take control, the one getting teased is only whining cause their weak.
if its legitly not 1. then its...

2. A person whom derives their self esteem from the feeling that they could have certain people, pity these people because they have no real self esteem, its totally dependent upon others, they would break down emotionally if they felt people didnt like them.
1. guy 1: dude that girl is such a tease

guy 2: no your just a pussy go actually talk to her in real life...

guy 1:....

guy 2: she's not a tease your just a pussy, and thats why your a virgin.
2. friend of tease: she talks to like the same 5 guys everyday and doesn't even like them

Friend of tease 2: I know maybe she'll start to like one...but at least shes not depressed everyday now
by Jelly and Jeffy February 09, 2010
A person, normally a female, who promises to service you, or has the intent to give you pleasure but, never does
Arica is a tease, she said she would give me head but, she never did.
by paladino April 09, 2003
to share a cigarette with another person, usually giving him/her two or three puffs
Jess: "Do u have an extra cigarette?"

Clare: "No, i've got one left...i'll tease u"
by krazeeblue September 02, 2009
can be a guy but 95% of the time itz a girl. usually a BITCH in the end when u realize u just got played tough by one of these sickening chikz.. lead u on to thinking your ganna score but in the end u get NOTHING. leaving in some case blue balls and pist as shit. They can come off as one of 2 people... either they act like a straight up HOE who will give it up to any guy n gets them to think that .... OR they can come off as really sweet girls even while in a long relationship with someone , and still they can tease and tourment the shit out of them. its stupid n slutty. Any guy whoz been in these situation n delt with these HOES knowz exaclty wut im talking about.They actually have funn doing this by the way, they crave the attention and in most cases get it. so get a REAL CHICK.
All this time shez been giving me these bullshit excuses as to why we couldnt ever just go all out n BANG each other.. but now i know shez just a TEASE and it's all part of her ACT.
by mr invincible May 25, 2009
a girl that makes a guy think she likes him. being teased isnt fun
haley fisher
norah quinn
by big playah tom ice October 10, 2004
Tease Tease, T, (Tee): noun. 1. To find out what is new or what is going on, what is happening. 2. Drama, trouble or no good.
1. Hey Mindy, what's the tease?
2. Getting to the airport yesturday was some "tease"!
by KG Hector January 30, 2008
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