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a slang word for grapes from the town ( oakland )
you got yo tease bluhd?

you cant even speak on tha tease until you go to the town and jus blow.
by george tedbetter July 24, 2006
6 73
To partake in. Roughly equivalent to do or use depending on the context. Often used in the form, tease it.
"I think I'm gonna go get a sandwich."
"Tease it"

"Hey, I'm gonna go tease the Nintendo."
by Peter April 04, 2004
7 98
An exclamation meaning cool or nice. Used the same as tight or sweet
Guy 1: Check out these new kicks dog
Guy 2: Shit man, those are tease!
by J-slicket April 23, 2006
8 116
A girl named Brittney is a huge tease
I teasedmadd kids last night
by krazyronaldo March 12, 2005
25 136
1. A woman who tortures men for sport by teasing them with the possibility of a sexual experience but never actually gives it.

2. 80% of rape victims

3. A self-centered woman who gets pleasure from using her sex appeal to manipulate men for her own selfish needs.

4. A female player.
She's never gonna fuck you.. she's a tease
by Mikeyboy22 November 21, 2006
77 193