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(Verb) In order to ghost a girl, you must begin having anal sex with her against a window. After a little while, pull your dick out and allow your waiting friend to insert his. This must be done quickly so that the girl is unaware. Then sneak outside, and suddenly press yourself against the window, making the girl think she is seeing a ghost. Recommended that you do this only if you intend to break up with the girl in the near future
I wanted to break up with Jane, so I asked Dan to help me ghost her
by J-slicket April 23, 2006
When you cum in a girls ear while she is sleeping and allow it to dry into a sticky plug in the morning
The girl pissed me off, so i gave her a filthy eargasm
by J-slicket April 22, 2006
when a guy cums onto a toothbrush and makes a girl brush her teeth using the cum as toothpaste
guy 1: I gave my girl a nasty toothpaste last night
guy 2: DAAAAMN! you a playa homes
by J-slicket April 23, 2006
A sexual act where a black man pours cum onto his dick as if icing a cinnamon roll, and then inserts it into a pussy
Yo, Tyrone gave Quinisha a dirty cinnamon roll last night. That shit is crazy!
by J-slicket April 22, 2006
An exclamation meaning cool or nice. Used the same as tight or sweet
Guy 1: Check out these new kicks dog
Guy 2: Shit man, those are tease!
by J-slicket April 23, 2006

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