a girl who likes to flirt and hint at things but doesn't actually give it up.
see: Quinn Fabray
Rachel: I actually think chocolate would be better with strawberries, do you have any chocolate lip gloss?
Quinn: I do, actually. We'll be chocolate covered strawberries ;P

Anon: you guys should go make chocolate covered strawberries now, then tell us about them!
Quinn: Don't worry, we'll make them later ;P
Anon: tease :P
Quinn: I’m such an expert at it, that I’m positive you’d see my name if you looked it up in the dictionary.
by Some Anon November 15, 2010
something old fashioned women do to their hair
Sally would tease her hair into a beehive for Saturday night dates
by drug_princess++ April 06, 2004
girls with names that begin with the letter e. I don't know they always are.
Emma is such a tease. Ben thought he had a chance. She led him on for months and turned him down when he told her he liked her.
by mumbo numba 5 April 07, 2011
a guy who flirts and carries on, but either doesn't deliver. He likes playing the game but has no intention of hooking up.
That guy is such a tease. He should stop playing and share some sugar.
by Lulu Fern February 08, 2010
a girl who can get you to do anythin she wants
danielle is such a tease towards her boyfriend that she just got him to jump off the bridge
by pjordan January 23, 2010
Someone that dresses slutty, acts slutty, and flirts with everyone. But doesn't have sex.
"Oh my god, look at how her boobs are hanging out ! and shes talking to my boyfriend!"
"It's okay, you don't have to be worried. She is just a tease."
by iknowimmabitch,thanks March 23, 2010
a girl that goes on blind dates with other guys in order to make the man of her dreams jealous
shes such a tease.
by J_J_P August 27, 2010

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