Though commonly used to describe a member of the opposite sex, "tease" can also apply to members of the same sex, in the case of homosexuality or weekly drunken bisexuality.

A tease is

(A) someone who either offers to engage in affectionate behavior with you, such as making out, and then denies you the privilege of doing so, or

(B) someone who only gives you a small fraction of what you actually want from them, such as a kiss when you are dying to make out with them. A tease may even go so far as to kick you out of the room, and in extreme cases, he or she will then proceed to have affectionate relations with someone else, torturing you even more. Other scenarios may also include promising--and subsequently denying to provide--a raincheck.

It is vital that this definition be used as the one and only definition of a tease, as looking the word up in dictionaries and on Google will often provide a two-word answer: Paige Duckworth.
Paige, you're such a tease.
by emfzoom April 17, 2011

in the flower world, a certain species of orchid mimics female bees. unsuspecting male bees are attracted to them and try to have sex with these flowers only to be left frustrated and awkward for them
orchids are teases. nuff said
by nerdsarehott April 27, 2011
Performing cunnilingus on a girl but never letting her reach orgasm
Will you please just stop being a tease and finish me off?!
by JJ-DJ January 26, 2015
A tease is the female equivalent of a player.
"You're such a damn tease Kat"
"I know...hanging around a player will do that to you"

*shows a little skin* Oops! Never mind! ;)
by teasing pretty April 25, 2009
A person who writes a game, and then posts about how great it's going on Twitter.
Ben Schwartz is a total Tease.
by JackRabbit15 March 01, 2012
A girl who hints at showering together and then at the last minute makes you sit in her room by yourself and whe she is done you don't do anything.
Yeah that guatemalan chicksaid we could shower together but at the last minute she made me sit outside, she's such a fucking tease
by Frankiebaby69 December 15, 2010
An evil, soulless, emotionless bitch that fucks with a guy's emotions and messes with his head. She leads him to believe that there might be a relationship between them, when in fact there won't be. See succubus.
I hate teases.
by all hail the fail whale June 18, 2010

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