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An overrated rap artist who always claims to be retiring, but never actually does. Has achieved higher commercial success than most rappers.
Jay-Z's new album is the shit!
by Mikeyboy22 November 21, 2006
1. A woman gives birth to a large number of children and never seems to stop.

2. A woman who is always pregnant

3. Baby momma
Wow, its her 15th kid? What a baby factory.
by Mikeyboy22 November 21, 2006
An attractive, slightly underrated female actress with slit-like nostrils. Probably best know for staring in the Hulk.
Jennifer Connelly is hot
by Mikeyboy22 November 21, 2006
1. The majority of attractive women out there.

2. Someone who acts, speaks and functions without thinking

3. Dingbat, idiot, moron
That girl is hot but she is an air head
by Mikeyboy22 November 21, 2006
1. A woman who tortures men for sport by teasing them with the possibility of a sexual experience but never actually gives it.

2. 80% of rape victims

3. A self-centered woman who gets pleasure from using her sex appeal to manipulate men for her own selfish needs.

4. A female player.
She's never gonna fuck you.. she's a tease
by Mikeyboy22 November 21, 2006
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