A person who doesn't want to pay for the public/government services and infrastructures they use and depend on, such as roads and maintenance, Medicare, social security, satellite communications (cell phones, GPS, weather, etc.), clean water, public schools, food safety standards, drug safety standards, USPS mail, internet, building codes, health standards and regulation, fire/police/EMS, FAA and labor dept workplace rights.

Organized and used as informal spokespeople by corporations, teabaggers tend to be aggressive in rhetoric, but benign in actual practice of the rhetoric.
"The teabaggers were splayed out on lawn chairs at the Capital, fighting against government takeover."
by gingershavesouls33 March 13, 2013
One who disrespects the tea party.
He was a real tea-bagger, he boo-ed at a tea party member.
by how-ee January 24, 2010
A teabagger is someone who frequents baseball games exclusively for their fresh sack of nuts. They sit in the nosebleed section and buy lots of "teabags"...then they throw them down to the fans below. It's kind of a game celebration and love for nuts.
The teabagger purchased 10 sack of nuts when the Oakland A's won the world series.
by The Punjabi Goddess May 19, 2010
Alternative name for a kite-surfer
Check out the air that tea-bagger gets!
by Joe Winder November 25, 2003
Conservatives who masquerade as “concerned citizens”. Politically similar to the Nationalist, Socialist movement, which gained wide popularity in certain parts of Europe in the 1930s. The TEA BAGGERS pride themselves on ranting incoherently, misspelling protest signs, and their ability to disqualify other humans by the color of their skin or sexual orientation. Many TEA BAGGERS enjoy NASCAR, lynchings, chronic masturbation, beating their wives, and shoving taped up shampoo bottles in their asses.
I didn't get enough attention as a child, so I joined the TEA BAGGER movement in order to meet other angry racists. Also, I have a small penis, which is also why I joined the NRA.

by DickSickDick March 27, 2010
faggots ball suckers
a man that sucks balls
by dick May 05, 2003
A person, usually on a CB Radio, who waits for the right time to insert a comment in someone elses conversation, thus changing the entire meaning of the sentence intent. This is done by a more powerful voice, signal, or a closer proximity to the hearer. Thus effectively filling the mouth and leaving embarassing virtual nut marks on the talker.
What was actually said "We went to play golf and on hole number seven I nailed the ball, I could hardly believe it! I really had to rub it in!"

What everyone else heard due to a slick Tea Bagger "We went to play golf and on hole number seven I 'shit my pants', I could hardly believe it! I really had to rub it in!"

by LayItOnYou March 18, 2007

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