You remember reading Animal Farm in school, the sheap chanting "Four legs good, two legs bad," as their two cents in any conversation, the kind of person who blindly accepts axioms given to them by anyone with a slightly higher social status but only if it already fits their limited world view. The kind of person who, even though they lack the inteligence to participate in a debate but never the less dominate by being the loudest person in the room. The kind of person who thinks that simply because everyone they know is like them, that they are represent everyone dispite the overwhelming proof that they are only about 12% of the general population, the same percentage of Americans who think that the world is flat and that they've been ubducted by aliens. The kind of person who will call anyone trying to help them a Nazi while themself using violence to try to force their political opinion, often going to terroristic extents. That's a teabagger.
I was walking to the library today when I saw a group of about 10 teabaggers protesting "Obama-care." One of them, a rather old and out of shape man, had a heart attack and one with a cell phone called 911, and talked to a government employee at the dispach who then send out an ambulence from a public, government funded hospital, to pick him up. Walking back that way I stopped and asked one how he was doing. She told me that they had stabalized him and he had been discharged without further treatment because his employer did not provide him with insurance and he wasn't old enough to qualify for medicare.
by Yeah-I'm-a-communist April 05, 2010
christian bragger, diversity lagger, anti-fagger, environmental dragger, equal rights clagger, pointing finger wagger, fox news tagger, truth gagger, fear jagger, greed swagger, tax sagger, world peace fragger, douche bagger
Can you believe they nearly assaulted an innocent man at their anti-mosque rally? Yes, they're a bunch of Teabaggers!
by non-bagger August 25, 2010
A douche who thinks he can impact the political discourse by waving a gun and holding up a bunch of racist, illegible signage.

Alternately, someone who puts his balls in another dude's mouth.
I just got teabagged on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse.

Teabagger's got some sweaty balls.
by msLaLa November 19, 2010
The original community of players that TeaBag there kills.

For gamers:

1 - The act of a man placing his testicles in the mouth or on or around the face (including the top of the head) of another person, often in a repeated in-and-out motion as in irrumatio. The practice vaguely resembles dipping a tea bag into a cup of tea.

2 - Also known as "Corpse-Humping", the 'teabag' is performed by running over the corpse of an enemy and repeatedly crouching. Many games wait for a few seconds after death before re-spawning a player, so the taunt is seen by the killed player as a way for the killer to rub their victory in the enemy's face.
I was on the =TBU= TeaBaggers United server and I kept getting TeaBagging each time i got killed! I got TeaBagged even by people that didn't kill me!! I also got group TeaBagged!!! I'm going to visit so I can join.
by droopie December 08, 2008
A person who believes that wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on war and tax cuts is okay and that criticizing the president automatically makes you an anti-American traitor, but only if the president is a white Republican. If the president is a black Democrat, it's suddenly okay to brandish assault weapons at his rallies, call him a communist socialist Marxist racist Nazi terrorist nigge...whoops, Muslim. Teabaggers are typically obese inbred southern WASPs who are still upset that they lost the Civil War. Most of them can't spell worth a damn and think "nuclear" is pronounced "nookyular". Despite what they say, 99% of teabaggers are white and Republican.
The teabaggers at yesterday's rally waved signs claiming that the Civil Right's Act is communist and unAmerican.
by rtv0587 January 08, 2011
1. A sex act.

2. A phrase Fox News picked to promote a series of "Boston Tea Party" reenactment protests against the Obama administration on Tax Freedom Day, apparently unaware of the meaning of the phrase (see above.)
Fox news watcher: are you going to the tea bagger party?

Me: what are you, some kinda perv?
by Monkey Owner April 14, 2009
An online game player that squats his character on another game player's character after killing them. This action is done to simulate resting their testicles on the other person's face and to let them know that they've been owned.
Well, let's just say you're a sniper in an online game, and you shoot me. Then I think to myself as I am respawning "I'm going to go find this guy". Then when I do, I use a knife to kill you. And after you die you can still see me on your screen by your character's body, I then squat down on your dead body. This is to let you know that I got you back and to rub it in your face a little. Tea Baggers Biotch!
by xTBx Scout December 14, 2006

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