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1. A sex act.

2. A phrase Fox News picked to promote a series of "Boston Tea Party" reenactment protests against the Obama administration on Tax Freedom Day, apparently unaware of the meaning of the phrase (see above.)
Fox news watcher: are you going to the tea bagger party?

Me: what are you, some kinda perv?
by Monkey Owner April 14, 2009
A person who doesn't want to pay for the public/government services and infrastructures they use and depend on, such as roads and maintenance, Medicare, social security, satellite communications (cell phones, GPS, weather, etc.), clean water, public schools, food safety standards, drug safety standards, USPS mail, internet, building codes, health standards and regulation, fire/police/EMS, FAA and labor dept workplace rights.

Organized and used as informal spokespeople by corporations, teabaggers tend to be aggressive in rhetoric, but benign in actual practice of the rhetoric.
"The teabaggers were splayed out on lawn chairs at the Capital, fighting against government takeover."
by gingershavesouls33 March 13, 2013
An online game player that squats his character on another game player's character after killing them. This action is done to simulate resting their testicles on the other person's face and to let them know that they've been owned.
Well, let's just say you're a sniper in an online game, and you shoot me. Then I think to myself as I am respawning "I'm going to go find this guy". Then when I do, I use a knife to kill you. And after you die you can still see me on your screen by your character's body, I then squat down on your dead body. This is to let you know that I got you back and to rub it in your face a little. Tea Baggers Biotch!
by xTBx Scout December 14, 2006
A person who is far superior at tea-bagging than the average person. This person may of had a career tea-bagging or just has done it so many times for fun that he has acquired skills to make his performance an art form .
Timmy is such a tea-bagger.
Timmy the tea-bagger tickled Tanya’s nose and shit on her face for fun or as he said he did it for shits and giggles.
by Scott McBain August 22, 2006
Right wing Corporate Fascist, who likes to host or attend "tea party", tax revolt gatherings.
Sarah Palin is a tea-bagger.
by Frank 4523 April 08, 2010
1. A derogatory term that refers to a person who supports the conservative Tea Party movement. 2. A person who places their scrotum into the open mouth of a sexual partner or unsuspecting victim.
Sarah Palin and the teabaggers rallied on the mall in Washington D.C. today demanding lower taxes and a reduced budget deficit.
by flowleisurly December 23, 2010
"Teabaggers" are the elite members of the Tea Party conservative movement. Any one can be a member of the Tea Party, but the term "teabagger"......you have to earn that title.
The Teabaggers infiltrate homes quietly and put their conservative balls into opponents mouths.
by Steven Lucas Slater December 12, 2010