A person who is far superior at tea-bagging than the average person. This person may of had a career tea-bagging or just has done it so many times for fun that he has acquired skills to make his performance an art form .
Timmy is such a tea-bagger.
Timmy the tea-bagger tickled Tanya’s nose and shit on her face for fun or as he said he did it for shits and giggles.
by Scott McBain August 22, 2006
A conservative republican who protests against income taxes by rubbing their nutsacks in each other's faces.
Senator David Vitter is a tea-bagger who wants to cut government programs during a recession.
by notmyrealname99wroteit April 16, 2009
Teabagger is the deragaratory term used to describe members of the right-wing Republican "Tea Party".
Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Donald Trump and Rick Santorum} are all teabaggers.
by jjmplsmn August 30, 2015
"Teabaggers" are the elite members of the Tea Party conservative movement. Any one can be a member of the Tea Party, but the term "teabagger"......you have to earn that title.
The Teabaggers infiltrate homes quietly and put their conservative balls into opponents mouths.
by Steven Lucas Slater December 12, 2010
1. A derogatory term that refers to a person who supports the conservative Tea Party movement. 2. A person who places their scrotum into the open mouth of a sexual partner or unsuspecting victim.
Sarah Palin and the teabaggers rallied on the mall in Washington D.C. today demanding lower taxes and a reduced budget deficit.
by flowleisurly December 23, 2010
A person who doesn't want to pay for the public/government services and infrastructures they use and depend on, such as roads and maintenance, Medicare, social security, satellite communications (cell phones, GPS, weather, etc.), clean water, public schools, food safety standards, drug safety standards, USPS mail, internet, building codes, health standards and regulation, fire/police/EMS, FAA and labor dept workplace rights.

Organized and used as informal spokespeople by corporations, teabaggers tend to be aggressive in rhetoric, but benign in actual practice of the rhetoric.
"The teabaggers were splayed out on lawn chairs at the Capital, fighting against government takeover."
by gingershavesouls33 March 13, 2013
the name originally given to and by themselves, as members of the movement now known as the Tea Party. They tried to back off this term after they became aware that it's also used as a sexual term that denotes dropping ones ball-sack into another mans mouth( also used for dropping said sack into a womans mouth, but mostly men on men). They are uninformed and misinformed about politics- almost always right wing zealots, latent racists, they claim to be against big government, unless that big government controls who we love ( don't like out openly gay/lesbian people), they are generally unable to debate their views with anyone that has a clue, they are for giving money to the rich ( in the form of tax cuts- to help the "job creators")in the hopes that the American dream ( to also be rich) will someday be theirs.
The teabaggers were very excited to hear Sarah Palin's coming to town- they excitedly proclaim- clean up the trailer, comb your mullet and brush yer tooth- Sarah's a comin!!!
by tretalo December 21, 2011
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