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Louisiana Republican Gubernatorial Candidate that lost 2003 election to Kathleen Blanco. Currently serving in House District 1. Of Indian descent, many believe his race played a role in his lost to the "Queen Bee Cajun" Kathleen Blanco. In reality, he is a Neo-Con right wing puppet that votes in lockstep with National Republicans, no matter what the cost to the average Louisianian. He also was said to have left his own supporters with a cold feeling when he spoke to an audience, which some believe led him to deliver his wife's baby for good "human" publicity. He is considered anti-gay and refused to meet with the New Orleans Panel on GLBT issues in 2003, but was quick to make time for the state's Evangelical Community. He voted against the "Hate Crime Bill" and said it was unnecessary to have a state law citing that an employer can't fire someone for being gay. Bigots come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
Louisiana's Worst Nightmare: Becoming Texas overnight...culture-less, commercial and downright cheesy. If Bobby Jindal is elected Governor, he will attempt to turn Louisiana into Texas. Bobby Jindal is without fun, culture-less and inhuman. Bobby Jindal is a Republican Robot.
by RobbieS June 17, 2007
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First Indian-American to become governor of a state and currently the highest ranked politician of Indian origin in the United States. He is also the youngest governor in the country. Often called "boy wonder" Bobby Jindal began his career at a very young age after graduating from Brown University where he was a Rhodes Scholar. Among his accomplishments are turning around the Louisiana healthcare system and the proper management of hurricane Ike unlike the incompetent Democrat governor Blanco. Bobby Jindal is known to be 100% conservative and has not wavered on his principles which makes liberals very unhappy.
Bobby Jindal is the next Ronald Reagan. Jindal for president! Hope for America!
by Bayouwonder October 05, 2008
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