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n; A beautiful stranger, in her mid-twenties usually with reddish hair and green eyes.
She meets men at clubs and parties and they instantly fall for her, but after a few hours of talking they turn around and shes gone - just before they could get her number. No one the man asks can tell him who she was. The only thing left of her is the smell of her perfume.
Some say there is only one Keating, and she travels throughout social gatherings across the world to give hope in love to down-trodden men.
I met the most wonderful girl in the world last night.
Nice, you gonna see her again?
Can't, she turned out to be a Keating.
by heynow.. January 20, 2010
adj. meaning nocturnal
At summer camp i was Keating because we told scary ghost stories!
by CH1C0 B0N1T0 June 26, 2009
Eating while keying on the computer at work
Keating makes work much more enjoyable
by Satchel2012 November 29, 2012
To be discovered retrospectively on facebook to have been wearing the same clothes three days in a row, probably owing to the effects of excessive drinking.
A: Wow, I've just noticed Johnny is wearing the same shirt every day in this new album.
B: I know, what a Keating.
by thickit3 August 01, 2010
n; an extremely large vaginal wart. See also herpes
You know the whore on 23rd and Main? Well I heard she has contracted keating and is spreading it to all of the guys now.

by u8myc00kie April 18, 2006
person that is trust worthy
he is so keatings
by cpineiunep May 24, 2016
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