1.Being a russian. Specifically a nickname of sorts. Usually said as an insult. Named for the fact of which vodka was invented by russians. Vodka is made out of potatoes jsyk! Mainly stated for the purpose of hurting the "tater", but instead is possibly amusing to the victim of this name.
Tater-hater: "Hey, did u guys soo those taters driving by? They so eat a lot of potatoes (if you know what i mean)"

Tater-hater2: "Hell yea, i can hear the music that was playing too, ahh those taters...good times, good times."
by CooleyJuli February 14, 2009
Top Definition
PO-TA-TOES, boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew. Lovely, big, golden chips, w/a nice piece of fried fish.
Even you couldn't say no to that.
OH yes we could. Ruins a good fish. Give it to us raw, and wrrrrigggling.
by k dawg August 27, 2004
Redneck term for potato.
Hey yuns grab me suma them thur tater chips and a beer!
by soupbadger June 07, 2005
a potato or potatoes.
i feel like eating taters
by TATERLOVER23 February 23, 2009
One who is a fan of the Clemson Tigers. Originally an agricultural school, "tater" has become a nickname for anyone who goes to the school or supports its team.
Carolina Fan: "Did you see them damn taters in town today?"
Carolina fan 2: "Yep, they were missing their front teeth."
by jsmith823 August 31, 2012
Originally meaning potato, also commonly used as a nickname, esp. for children, small animals or something cute.

Bit of a redneck equivalent of the French word 'chou'.
Kid: Mom, I'm hungry.
Mother: OK Tater, I'll make you a sandwich.
by Miss Maryland February 13, 2009
A Clemson university fan, alumni, or supporter in any way. Dates back to when they could pay their athletic support dues with potatoes. Not a compliment.
"That tater is gonna be sad come November."

"Haters gonna hate and taters gonna tate."

"I hate stupid taters, they always quote history."
by TaterTimTheSlimJim April 24, 2013
Female breasts, especially large ones. This term is considered very casual and somewhat crude. Compare to jugs.
Check out the taters on this girl!
by Greenie March 24, 2004

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