Thigh Attraction Syndrom- a medical condition in women where ones thighs are just too sexy, causing objects such as pants or men to be attracted to them and stick to them.
guy: wow kalene, your pants are really tight
Kalene: thats just my TAS, my thighs are just so sexy that my pants cant get enough of them
Guy: wow, cool, that totally makes sense
by FRAZ1337 August 27, 2008
1. To take a shit
2. Term used to refer to feces
3. or whatever else mark feels like using it for
1. I need to tas
2. Look at that huge piece of tas on the floor
by The urban dictionary man September 24, 2003

1. A fine girl that has big Tittys and Ass.

2. A hot girl.
say you're at school and a hot girl walks by you and you want to tell your friends but you're girlfriend is next to you just say "TAS" and you friends will know you just saw some tittys and ass.
by ART S. August 02, 2005
acronym for:
That acronym sucks.

"Bobfoc! You know--Body off baywatch, face off crimewatch?"
by Adam Michael Cooper September 26, 2005
Nakedness. Noun. As in running around the Towers naked.
As in running around the Towers naked. "We pulled an es 'tas' last night. Lean back."
by Naked girl number 1. November 14, 2004

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