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She probably a girl you wont forget, truly like know other girl, she so beautiful, she says she`s anti-social but is the exact opposite. she has the nicest eyes, she can have fun just about all the time and can make you laugh. she loves video games, and is completely a guys best friend. she doesn't know how much she influences others.
Angelique is perfect.
by dazedblazed968 August 12, 2009
1. to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly.
2. Slang. very impressive.
wow, look at her. she just pulled an Angelique..
by cuupcake February 02, 2008
An extremely gorgeous girl. Good in bed!! She has great style. She comes off very intimidating at first but is actually really sweet. She has many close friends and finds it hard to be fake. She can dance like Mya. Nothing puts her down. She is always happy. She's one of the first to fall in love with Juicy Couture. She own's the catwalk and has an amazing body. Guy's find it easy to fall in love with her but she ends up breaking their hearts. She uncomparable. Girls envy her.
Boy 1: Your dating Angelique?? Wow ur soo luck dude!
Boy 2: Yea she's so amazing! I am a lucky dude.
by bestestofthebestest February 04, 2010
The meaning of All WOMAN!!! This girl is so fine she would steal your man from you without you even knowing. Her ghetto fabulous booty and lucious Angelina Jolie lips is sure to seduce. She is above all a PM.
hey have u seen Angelique damn shes a PM
by Ate Candz February 03, 2010
A girl who is beyond gorgeous, and is what every girl dreams to be like. She always has an amazing time where ever she goes! She is very athletic, but can tear up the cat walk like No other, one of the hottest models out there. She has lucious lips perfect for kissing and sexual acts(; she has beautiful eyes and a perfect smile. When it comes to her body, there ain't no doubt, this girl has perfect tatas and a booty you could stare at all day, she is defiantly the girl with the finest body. She is tall, perfectly skinny. She doesn't realize how many guys want her. She's a total sweetheart. Girls envy her.
That girl has a Angelique booty.

I wish I looked like angelique.

Angelique doesn't know how lucky she is to be so beautiful.
by DramaA07 November 14, 2011
A fragile,lovely,and beautiful submissive. She is slightly defiant, but will give in. Brown curly hair with frontal bangs that sometimes cover those innocent and delicate milk chocolate brown eyes. Soft, tender,and timid. Truly unforgettable.
1.Angelique is beyond comprehension beautiful.
2.Everyone wishes they had an Angelique.
by Mister Brian A September 06, 2013
A girl who is absolutely beautiful both on the inside and the outside. She loves poetry, music and guitar. She is really a music expert. She is both kind and understanding. She has everything you could want in a girl. She is a perfect girlfriend, one who is always honest and tries to relate no matter what. Shy at first, but when you get to know her she really opens up and loves you.
Guy 2: "YES!!! She looks perfect as always"

Girl 1: "I should really try and be more like Angelique."
Girl 2: " Ya I'm pretty jealous of her looks and personality."
by TheBoyfriend March 06, 2014