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spectacular, massive breasts.
My God! Check out the jugulars on the chick at the counter!
by Mo Dixley December 29, 2004
The sensitive, vital part in the neck.
Dude, you just took one in the jugular!

Frank: You're crazy man, I like you, but you're crazy!
by tim September 29, 2004
Someone's neck. Injuries to this area are often fatal.
Beka: I'm so metal that when I was born, I bit the doctor in the jugular, 'cuz that bitch tried to spank me!
by Ethan J. January 14, 2008
how to kill a man in 3 secs
"straight for the jugular"

(vein, throat liver, thorax, big toe, hyperdermis)
by ROYSTER May 08, 2003

1. slang for the jugular vein

2. very rough and ruthless
Don't let him get you in the jugular.
by The Return of Light Joker April 15, 2008
vital part of the neck but could be used as slang for a mans balls.
ohhhh she just hit you in the jugular!
by pooper994 December 07, 2008
like juggling but with ulars

ular=a rare species of sloth with a hairier butthole than regular sloths
to jugular:v.: MAN! Last weekend was sooo fun! I went jugularing with my friends in the Amazon.
by Dr. Jug, Dr. Ular January 04, 2010